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meg-art pottery studios – merchant of the month

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we are happy to announce our august merchant of the month – sherry from meg-art pottery studios


twenty years ago sherry found herself creating and selling art at festivals in her free time. fast forward to today and she and her husband scott are living their dream as the owners of a thriving art studio in huntersville, nc.

with sarcasm, laughs, family, and a love for art only countered by her dislike of upper-case letters (hence the lack thereof here), her and her husband scott created meg-art in 1997 and haven’t looked back. the meg-art family also consists of their three daughters megan, allee, and darby, and their pups madi and kodi.




sherry told us that if she wasn’t doing art she believes that she would be working in the marketing field. that way she could bring her creativity to the business world, and well, basically still be doing art. good thing too, because if you have ever had the chance to see some of sherry’s work, it really is impressive. image1 (1)


when she isn’t in the studio sherry loves to mountain bike, travel and cook. if she isn’t doing any of those things she is either spending time with her family, or making her placefull account manager laugh so hard the entire office can hear him.


meg art 3

we asked sherry about her experience as a placefull complete customer and she said,”placefull complete saves me so much time. they take care of my busy work so i can focus on my studio.” we also asked what she would say to someone who was considering using placefull complete and she said “dude…it’s so worth it. [they’re] easy and fun to work with”. we think she is fun to work with too 🙂



for those of you who don’t already know, meg-art and placefull will both be attending the ccsa convention next week in charleston, sc. we’re excited to see sherry there, and hope everyone gets a chance to stop by and say hi. we will be at booth 44! 



you can check out meg-art on their website and facebook.


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