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Contest Winners Have Been Declared!

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We are back from yet another unforgettable CCSA Convention and are excited to announce the winners of our PlaceFull Photo Games Contest!

Over the past weekend, we received many wacky photos of what our CCSA buddies were up to during the convention! A big shout out to all of our CCSA friends who participated in the contest and kept us in the loop with all the fun going on at convention! Also, special thanks to Bisque Imports for their partnership in the contest and supplying us with $50, $100, and $250 gift card prizes!


The winners of the photo contest are as follows:

GOLD – Paint and Bake Ceramics 

14310596_1612944465671412_1041834995_nPaint and Bake ceramics blew our socks off with their dedication and effort put into their photo entries. Between creativity and execution, they’re taking home GOLD!  These guys don’t mess around – check out the photo below of Megan coolin off- Wang Zhen style!



SILVER – Meg Art


Sherry from Meg Art took silver in our photo games! Look at that form – you can’t deny her impressive gymnastic skills!




BRONZE – Picassos Palette

14295463_1048458458584337_1139619234_nAlison deserves a round of applause for her hilariously creative CCSA costume! She took the CCSA Olympics theme and knocked it out of the park!





Congrats to our winners and thanks to The Contemporary Ceramic Studio Association for the great convention! PlaceFull is thankful to be your trusted online booking partner over the past four years. We can’t wait for next year!



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