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Haunting Tales of Life without PlaceFull’s Online BOOking

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Happy Halloween from the PlaceFull Team!

Here at PlaceFull we make online booking easy and help your business grow to reach it’s full potential.

Whether you currently use a different online booking provider, or are still on the fence about using online booking – we thought we’d have a little fun this Halloween and tell you some haunting tales we’ve heard from our customers about life before PlaceFull… 


PlaceFull’s Online BOOking helps you avoid:

1.iMissing out on Late Night BOOkings There is a large market out there of people who prefer online booking. In fact, 52% of all bookings take place after hours. Make your business available at all times with access to 24/7 online booking.

2. Losing Page views and Google Rankings – Unlike other online booking solutions, PlaceFull stays on your website throughout the entire booking process. This ensures the focus stays on your business and improves your Google search rankings instead of redirecting your customers to a third party site and hurting your websites page views.

3. Long Checkouts that Bore Customers to Death – We pride ourselves in our checkout process because it’s just 3 easy steps for your customers. Long checkout pages are tedious and unpleasant for customers to fill out.

4. Eerie No Shows – Decrease your no-show rate by 73% with PlaceFull’s online booking. Customers receive email reminders about their upcoming event they’ve booked with you. 

5. Ghostly Customer Support – Have you ever called a support line for help, but struggled to even get a real person on the line? At PlaceFull, we don’t mess around with lousy customer support – we are here you 24/7. Call, email, or even text us for help!

6. Brand Neglect – It’s hard to showcase your event when you can only upload a single photo. Our booking solution allows our merchants to upload as many images as they’d like to any event!

7. Scary OverBOOked Party Rooms – Never worry about overbooking your event space with PlaceFull’s online booking solution. Our system keeps track of your party rooms for and makes them unavailable when they are booked!

8. Forgetting BOOkings – With multiple reservations and events, it’s easy for a reservation to get missed place or slip through the cracks. Never forget a booking again with easy access to our online system that organizes and lays out all of your bookings for you!

9. Endless Phone Calls – Imagine how much time it takes out of your busy schedule to call every customer one by one – like when you have to notify customers of a change to their event for example. Now imagine how easy it would be if you could send one mass email to every customer with the click of a button? PlaceFull’s booking software allows you to send messages to specific classes and customers – all at once.


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