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Bowling Industry Trends 2018

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Bowling Guy

How To Excel in The Bowling Industry (When You Don’t Own a Talking Bowling Pin)

by Cory Cravalho

Did you know that more than 10 million children in the US each year choose to have a birthday party at their local bowling center? This makes the industry the top party destination for kids aged 12 and younger. Even in 2018, there is huge potential for the Bowling Industry to achieve profitability.  In order to do this, however, Centers must adapt to emerging trends and appeal to multiple generations.

Take a Look at the Top Bowling Center Trends of 2018 & Some Tips on How to Grow Your Center!

arcade.jpg#1. Bowling Centers Are Now Offering More Than Just Bowling

These days, bowling alleys must consider combining other activities such as game rooms, Virtual Reality, or Laser Tag into their business model.  These activities will encourage customers to stick around longer and increase revenue, as well as customer engagement!  Implementing additional activities on top of bowling has been boosting revenues for centers all across the country.

bowling gal

#2. Competitors Have Adjusted Their Programs to Entice Millennials/Generation Z

Throughout the history of bowling, league play has contributed a huge amount to the success of the industry.  While League play is still key in order to be successful, younger generations, whom you should be tailoring your bowling alleys to, enjoy more social outings when visiting.  Bowling Centers must adjust to this and create a product that appeals to younger customers as well as older generations.


southihii#3.  Technology is Taking Over

Up to date technology is almost a necessity in order to keep your bowling center profitable.  There are a number of ways to keep up with technological trends of the industry.  Here are some many centers have adapted.

  • Auto Scoring Systems – Modern auto scoring speeds up the pace of play and allows for customers to not worry about anything besides enjoying your alley.
  • Debit/Credit Card system – Cash only is a thing of the past and all bowling centers should adapt technology in order to accept multiple forms of payment.

Online Booking – Put the power in the hands of your customers and allow them to book parties and lanes online before leaving the house.  This will save customers time and make it easier for employee’s at your center as well.  PlaceFull is a great place to start!  Sign up for a free demo today!



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