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TBT Feature Refresh! Posting Listings to Facebook

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In this week’s Throwback Thursday Feature Refresh we highlight posting individual listings to Facebook! This will help with getting more bookings for a public event because people will just be scrolling on Facebook and see a cool event and then book it right there. It’s basically a free advertisement on facebook, that is if they follow your page. Here is a link to the tutorial as well as PlaceFulls knowledge base for other help and features.

In this quick and easy tutorial, i will show you how to post an individual listing on your facebook feed. This will let your customers who follow you on facebook easily be able to book that listing if they are interested. With that being said, lets get started.

1. Start by going to your Placefull account.

2. Then go to your listings page.

3. Next, scroll to wherever the listing is on your page that you want to post and select the blue Share button. It also has the small facebook logo on the button. I boxed it in red in the picture below. fblisting1

4. Now a Facebook popup will come up. There are a few things you can do here. Starting near the top, you can write something about the listing. Then on the bottom left, you can select where you want to post it, whether thats your news feed or your story. Then on the bottom right, you can select you can see your post. You can say public, or only your followers.                                    fblisting2

5. lastly, select the blue Post to Facebook button on the bottom of the page.

Here is a video as well to help guide you through this.

If you are still confused, call PlaceFull support at (206) 624-0295 or you can email


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