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Tips & Tricks for Reducing Calendar Latency

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In the past few months we have receive several comments about the calendar view not loading quickly when image files have been attached to the calendar notes. Unfortunately, the calendar notes were not originally intended to support image files. However, as many of you know, the calendar now has the ability to support images to an extent. The catch is that when images are attached to the calendar notes the calendar loads much slower than it typically would.

Until we can provide a better solution for speeding up the load time of the calendar with images, we would like to provide you with some tips and tricks to help reduce calendar latency.

We have decided to test the speed at which calendar-based images affect calendar loading time on the website and so we can better inform our accounts on how to decrease calendar latency. We tested several different images at different sizes and attached them to different combinations of days on the calendar to see how load time was affected. We also tested with individual pictures being attached to days and multiple pictures being attached to individual days.

Here is what we found…

  1. The larger the file, the longer the load time (Obviously)
    1. We recommend resizing photos to be smaller than 100 KB in file size
    2. Anything more than 1 MB will significantly increase latency
  2. The more pictures attached to individual calendar days, the longer the load time.
    1. We recommend no more than two pictures per day
  3. The more days the pictures are posted to the longer the load time
    1. We recommend you do not repeat calendar notes with image files in them
    2. If you do repeat a note with a picture, don’t repeat the note for more than 30 days
  4. The more photo files you use in the calendar the longer the load time
    1. Avoid using more than 5 unique file images on the calendar at one time
    2. Each additional file image attached to the calendar is another file that needs to load before it can be viewed, the less the better.


If you do choose to attach image files to your calendar in PlaceFull, we hope that these notes will help to reduce customer facing calendar latency.

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