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Breaks for Moms in the Seattle Area

suchagoodideaYou’re a mom. And that is just the greatest job ever, right? It’s the very definition of bliss. Your kid never goes rigid when you try to put him in shopping cart at the grocery store, she sits quietly in your lap while you get a mani/pedi, and they go to bed without a fuss leaving you plenty of time to yourself to catch up on your reading, have a glass of wine, and take a relaxing bubble bath.

Yeah. In opposite land.

In real life you haven’t had a shower in three days, the last time you had a manicure was a week before you gave birth, and grocery shopping is like descending to the 5th level of hell. You know what you need? A break. You need someone to watch your kiddos (maybe even FREE child care) while you get your hair cut or do some grocery shopping or even just a chance to watch a movie with your kiddo (in an actual movie theatre) where you won’t get the evil-eye when junior starts rolling around in the aisles.

PlaceFull’s got your back, mama.

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Party Favors


5 Easy Party Favors for Lazy Moms

I freely admit that I am a Beta-Mom. I’m the one who brings store-bought cookies to the classroom bake sale, who forgets Halloween and ends up putting her kid in a 400-thread count Egyptian cotton pillowcase with eye-holes  and who reads her kid Strunk and White at bedtime. So sue me.

Booking the birthday party is easy, thanks to PlaceFull, where I can book an awesome party with hardly any effort. But the place where I am the most lamentable is birthday party favors. For my kid’s last birthday, 30 minutes before guests started arriving, I filled paper lunch sacks (some wrinkled from being reused) with Costco granola bars, individual novelty bandaids, high-end 72% cacao dark chocolate squares, and leftover Breast Cancer 3-Day silicone bracelets. And then I forgot to hand out the favor bags as the children departed.

But, having discovered the deep, rainbow colored hole of Pinterest, my dream party favors have taken a turn for the crafty side. I’m going to share some of my favorites with you.

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