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Outdoor Teambuilding Adventures

Your team sits, all day long, under the hum of florescent lights, in their ergonomically correct chairs, staring at screens being productive. They work hard, they turn out a good product, and they deserve to be rewarded with a day out of the office. Bring your team outdoors with one of PlaceFull’s awesome outdoor teambuilding adventures! Continue reading

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Seattle VIP Tables and Executive Dining

The Big Guns are in town and they are hungry. Taking them to Dick’s isn’t an option and neither is Red Robin going to cut it (no offense to the Royal Red, that’s a mighty fine burger). When you need exclusive dining that’s a step or two or even a flight above “ordinary”, then a VIP table or a private dining room at one of the Puget Sound’s finest restaurants.

Here at PlaceFull, we have a selection of private dining spaces that are perfect for hushed conversations, Power Point Presentations, and congratulating one another on a job well done.  Continue reading

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11 Team Building Events to Motivate Your Office

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Sometimes you need to bust your team out of their routines and get them out into to the world to work together, have fun, and get to know each other as people, not just co-workers. Here at PlaceFull, we have an incredible selection of packages that are PERFECT for all of your teambuilding and morale events. Here are few of our favorites:  Continue reading